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National Safety Month: Safety in the Construction Industry

June is National Safety Month, which is a time to focus on promoting safe practices and raising awareness of potential hazards in the workplace to reduce the leading causes of injury and death. For construction workers, safety is a top priority, given the high-risk...

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Construction Technologies on the Rise

Construction companies are responsible for literally building the future. Because of this, the minds that engage in this field are some of the brightest minds. In honor of National Innovation Day, which falls on February 16th, we’re highlighting some of the...

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Duties and Responsibilities of Your Project Manager

Understanding the roles of a project manager is crucial for business performance. Most people have executed the role of a project manager in their lives at some point by coordinating group projects or events, or just managing their busy schedule during the work week....

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The Importance of Business Location after COVID-19

It’s as obvious as the grass is green. COVID-19 has changed the world. And not just in the context of how we react to viruses or appreciate time with our loved ones, it has vastly changed the landscape of the business world. First and foremost, employees learned that...

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The Importance of Having the Right Team on Your Project

Whether you’re getting started on the construction project of your dreams or you’ve come to realize that your current space could do with a remodel, the first step to take is to find the team you want to work with for your project. Hiring the right team is crucial to...

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Construction in Flood Zones

As any Louisiana native can tell you, flooding can happen at any time. Furthermore, it should come as no surprise to local residents that up to 41 million Americans live in flood zones. Although there are many different types of flood zones, they can be organized into...

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Bulliard Lands a Spot on Acadiana’s Top 50 List

Bulliard Lands a Spot on Acadiana’s Top 50 List With $10 million in revenue for 2015, Bulliard Construction took the No. 47 spot on Acadiana’s Top 50 Private Companies list. Published by Acadiana Business magazine, the list annually ranks the top private companies in...

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