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5 Benefits of Working with a Locally-Owned Construction Company

When accepting bids for a new construction job, you may notice that corporation-like construction companies may also submit a bid. Sometimes the big name corporation may have a certain appeal when you are picking a construction company to work with. No matter how fancy the big construction companies are, there are certain benefits to working with a locally-owned company.


1. We will genuinely care about your project.

Any project that happens in our community or the surrounding community directly affects us. As active community members, we are invested in the growth and future of the areas we reside in. Although every construction company wants to put out good work, locally-owned construction companies also want to help benefit the community.


2. We already have positive relationships with local subcontractors.

No matter where a construction company is headquartered, local subcontractors are going to be on the worksite to help get the job done. When you work with a locally-owned company, chances are we have already worked with the majority of the reliable subcontractors in the area and have nurtured positive relationships with them. Through years of experience in the business, we have learned who the players are in the Acadiana Region. A big part of our success is having the right people on board.

3. We are available for frequent face-to-face meetings.

Let’s say your project seems to be running smoothly and then all of a sudden, there’s a bump in the road. If you’re working with a company based out of another area, a Zoom or phone call is the best you’re going to be able to get at a moment’s notice. However, when working with a locally-owned construction company, we can set up a meeting within the next couple of days where we can meet face-to-face and figure out a good plan of action. Electronic communication, while useful, is not always ideal in certain situations and can lead to misunderstanding. Face-to-face meetings, especially when a change of plans is involved, can be useful when looking at specific blueprints or plans to figure out what needs to be changed and why.

4. We have local references.

You want the best in charge of your project, and we don’t blame you. As a staple in the local construction industry for over 25 years, we have a multitude of local references that we have worked with in the past. Hearing honest reviews from people you trust will always hold more weight than some online reviews on some corporations’ websites.

5. We have an in-depth understanding of the local area.

Whichever construction company you choose to work with will need to have extensive knowledge of the building codes, weather conditions, and soil types of the area you wish to build in. By working with a locally-owned company that spends a majority of their time living and working in the area, you can trust that they have the necessary knowledge to ensure all plans will be in compliance with local codes and ordinances as well as will be viable in the current weather conditions and soil types.


At the end of the day, you need to accept a bid from the construction company that will do the best job on your project. For more information on how Bulliard Construction is that company, contact us today at (337)394-3950!