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Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning is the most important part of every project, no matter how big or how small.

Bulliard Construction provides valuable pre-construction planning services at the start of every project to help you save time and money later down the line. We listen to your goals and objectives up front and craft a detailed plan based on our analysis of budget, timing, technical, engineering, and constructability requirements — so there are no major surprises once the project is underway.

Why is Pre-Construction Planning Important?

Pre-construction planning is the process of walking through a project from start to finish before it starts. This process helps clients evaluate if they are ready to proceed with a project, or if current conditions make the project too expensive or unfeasible. Once the pre-construction evaluation has been completed, the contractor will provide an estimate based on the pre-construction planning details, and those details will be used as a project guide throughout the construction process.


Define the Project


Identify Potential Issues


Develop Plan and Schedule


Define the Scope


Estimate Costs


Analyze Equipment and Labor Needs

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