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Preparing for Spring Weather Conditions

Spring construction in Louisiana presents a distinct set of challenges that demand careful preparation and proactive measures. The unpredictable weather, saturated soils, and fluctuating temperatures pose significant hazards for construction crews, requiring thorough...

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2024 Construction Trends

The construction industry in 2024 is witnessing a pivotal shift from traditional methods to sustainable and technologically advanced practices. Dominating the scene in 2023, this trend is set to evolve further, driven by a growing consumer focus on environmental...

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The Role of Safety in Construction

Construction sites are a common sight across the nation, each with its unique set of safety hazards. Understanding these risks plays a significant role in avoiding injuries and even potential fatalities. If you're curious about the importance of safety on construction...

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Careers in Construction

In a world filled with rapidly evolving job markets, it's essential to consider industries that have a lasting impact. Often overlooked in favor of more traditional career paths, the construction industry offers an exciting and dynamic landscape for those looking to...

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Importance of Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction is the pivotal planning phase of any construction project, often described as the blueprint to a successful outcome. Pre-construction is where architects, general contractors, and clients come together to map out everything - from designs, schedules,...

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Lafayette Parish Courthouse

Although many small renovations have been done to the Lafayette Parish Courthouse in the past, it was finally time to do a full renovation. Bulliard Construction has been diligently working on various aspects of the project to revitalize the courthouse and bring it up...

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