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Lafayette Parish Courthouse

Although many small renovations have been done to the Lafayette Parish Courthouse in the past, it was finally time to do a full renovation. Bulliard Construction has been diligently working on various aspects of the project to revitalize the courthouse and bring it up to date for modern use, ensuring accessibility and functionality for all.

One of the primary focuses of the renovation was the elevators. We began by renovating the elevators on the first and second floors, specifically on the Buchanan side of the building. Our team revamped the equipment interiors and installed electronic bulletin boards in the lobby, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the elevators. Once this was all done, we worked on removing the ceiling on the sixth floor, changing all the light fixtures and walls, and cleaning and waxing the floors to make them look brand new again.

Moving upward to the seventh floor, our team faced the task of demolishing the old jail cells from the 1960s. By removing these outdated structures, we made way for the conversion of the seventh floor into modern office spaces.

Moving on to the third phase, we worked on fixing the elevators for floors three, four, and five. Our team undertook the challenge of enlarging and renovating the elevator dedicated to serving floors five to seven. Additionally, we added a penthouse atop the existing structure, further enhancing the building’s functionality and design.

The penthouse project involved scaffolding 120 feet off of the ground on three sides of the building and dropping two cables down to the ground. We rented a construction elevator to work on elevators six and seven and used a swing stage for elevator five, which now travels up to the roof.

The ongoing renovation of the Lafayette Parish Courthouse has been an exciting endeavor for Bulliard Construction. Through our meticulous attention to detail, dedication, and innovative approaches, we are proud to contribute to the transformation of this historic building into a modern, accessible, and functional space.