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The Impact of Climate Change on Construction

Climate change is no longer a distant concern; its effects are felt across various industries and regions, including the construction industry and in Louisiana—specifically, the amplitude and duration of extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions pose significant challenges for construction projects. From intense heat waves to prolonged cold spells, these conditions require specialized equipment and additional labor. They can even render specific construction sites unfeasible, but Bulliard Construction is working hard to ensure our projects are completed successfully.

Another challenge posed by climate change is the duration of extreme weather conditions. Construction projects may face prolonged periods of intense heat, cold, or severe weather. For example, enduring 100-degree heat for 90 consecutive days can strain workers and equipment.

The construction industry must proactively adapt to changing conditions to address the impacts of climate amplitude and duration on construction. Some strategies that can be employed include using climate-resilient equipment, work shifts and labor management, improved site selection, climate-smart construction techniques, and disaster preparedness.

Climate change undeniably affects the construction industry, with climate amplitude and duration significantly shaping project timelines and costs. As extreme weather events become more frequent and prolonged, Bulliard Construction is working to adapt to the changing climate to ensure successful project completion. By embracing climate-smart construction techniques and prioritizing the well-being of workers, the industry can effectively navigate the challenges posed by climate change and build a more sustainable future.