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Construction Technologies on the Rise

Construction companies are responsible for literally building the future. Because of this, the minds that engage in this field are some of the brightest minds. In honor of National Innovation Day, which falls on February 16th, we’re highlighting some of the up-and-coming technologies you can expect to see in the coming year.

Although not a new development, you can expect to see drones used more frequently in commercial construction projects. Drones have various capabilities that make almost every phase of the process easier. You can fly a drone over the property you would like to build on to get an idea of the terrain and other environmental factors or you can use a drone to get live shots of the progress you’ve made to keep all necessary parties updated.

Newer and lighter materials are becoming more in demand when it comes to commercial construction. 3D printing has a lot to do with this shift. Companies can use a 3D printer to print generic structures that require little to no customization during the construction process. This allows construction companies to produce more structures, in less time, utilizing fewer resources. All of which will lead to cheaper rates and turnaround times for the client.

Virtual reality capabilities often go hand and hand with drone capabilities in that there are countless ways for this development to streamline construction processes. Companies can use virtual reality to see if a certain design choice will be able to work or to create renderings to show to clients and other stakeholders. Simply put, virtual reality tools can help engineers take typically complex aspects of planning and design and make them easier to understand and work through.

In light of recent world events, many stakeholders and potential clients are interested in how companies handle social responsibility. Many will be looking at what kinds of actions companies are taking to preserve and protect the environment. Following this mindset shift, many companies are implementing solar panels and biodegradable materials, such as cork and bamboo, where possible. Some are even experimenting with fungi-enhanced concrete products which speak to more than just sustainability in terms of technological advancements.

We’ve all thought about it as we recover from yet another hurricane. Why can’t the building just fix itself? Although that is technically a rhetorical question, the solution may be closer than we originally imagined. Technologies are being developed that incorporate bacteria and enzymes in concrete composition. MIT has even developed a synthetic construction material that strengthens and rebuilds itself. This advancement can mean stronger buildings and more time in between periodical maintenance.

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