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Peppers Unlimited Warehouse

Bulliard Construction was proud to be selected as the general contractor for the massive, 19,500-square-foot Peppers Unlimited Warehouse. After the initial site work was done, a post-tension concrete slab was laid to accommodate construction of a 130-foot-wide by 150-foot-long and 20-foot-high metal building.

This project is the first phase of Peppers Unlimited’s Dry Goods Warehouse, located at 600 W. Bridge St. in St. Martinville, La. Bulliard handled and coordinated all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical for the building. A major highlight is a new below-grade concrete loading dock ramp with bumpers, dock seals, levelers, and lights. The 300-square-foot interior office area features an advanced, automatic ventilation system. The scope of work also included special fire and security alarm systems. All site, concrete, and carpentry work were performed by Bulliard Construction’s in-house personnel.

Peppers Unlimited is a manufacturer and packer of various hot sauce products, which are shipped around the world. This warehouse will be the main distribution center for the company and was designed by the MBSB Group.

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